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Wellness Services

BHCW provides a well rounded view of what (w)holistic connection can mean for you. Sometimes, what we need is not counseling or counseling alone, but workshops and alternative services that are simply therapeutic. Allow us to introduce you to a different way of finding inner peace and (re)connection. Whether you are new to alternative treatments or enthusiast, there is a place for you to feel welcomed and comfortable. Groups, Workshops, Classes, individual and private group. Click the images below to learn more!

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Reiki is the practice of using energy and vibration to allow our bodies to identify, repair what is closed off. Schedule Individual appointments for $60 for 85 minutes, $110 for 90 minutes

Gentle movement and meditation

Offered as an individual or small group (inquire pricing) service for $85 for 60 or $ 110 for 90 minutes. Our bodies are made up of vibration- in this service you will receive a guided meditation, use of vibration through instruments, music, vocal sounds- move our bodies to expel negative or stuck energy and find restoration and finally reconnect with what our needs are. Clear your chakras and watch your intentions manifest.

Integrative Nutrition for Mental Health

Explore how to use food as medicine and the connection between our guts and mental health. We do not focus on what is "good" or "bad" instead we incorporate a friendly method of intuitive eating; learning about different ways vitamins, minerals, food groups and more play a part in immune and brain health. This service also serves to support those of us that require support around food sensitivities and allergies and how this can impact medical, behavioral and mental health. 1:1 service $75/60min

Grounding, Journaling and Expression

Finding the flow in and around ourselves through the use of reflection. 85 minutes of grounding meditation, guided and unguided journal prompts, and process art. Listen to soothing sounds as you are experience guided imagery in a journey to find balance and attunement. Individualized to fit your needs. Schedule for individual appointments or groups (separate pricing). $65 for 60 minutes, $85 for 90 minutes

Guided Meditation

Take time to find balance through the use of guided meditation choose between 30 minutes or 55 minutes of individualized body attunement and reflection. Bookings can be done for groups (separate pricing).Virtual and in person classes coming soon.


1:1 Coaching offered for skill strengthening, alternative treatments and executive functioning support. Sliding scale available to meet your needs. We are here to help you get you reach your goals. Get started today!

Mindful Trails

Keep an eye on our Mindful Trails partnership with Good Pickin' Farm for Wellness services provided outside in nature.

Groups, Events and Workshops

Join us for any of our events, workshops and groups. A variety of activities for you to choose from. Want to schedule a private group for any service? Send us an email today and would be happy to set something up.

More to Come

Our thoughts are constantly flowing on how we can give back to our communities, clients, family and friends! Be on the look out for : Book Club for connection Music and Wellness Yoga Body Movement Process Arts events!

Let's Collaborate

Are you interested in running a service, workshop or event? Let's collaborate. Send us an email and let us know your idea!

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