Case Management Services

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Case Managers are trained in helping YOU finding what you need to feel supported in the community. 

Have complex medical needs? Several mental health service providers? Needing to find resources to keep your family busy on those days off that is affordable? We can help you navigate school supports, advocate for you or your child's needs in the school system, mental health/behavioral health and medical health system. 

Yes, we will bring everyone together to make sure you have a safety net in your treatment and that all providers and systems are working together for you. 

Case Management services can be a stand alone service, grouped with another program such as counseling and Peer Supports. 

We work with you on affordability. Our typical rates can be expected as $2/minute for the first hour and then $1/minute for all continued care and service needs. 

Your life is worthy
We want to cheer you on. You deserve a life full of happiness and to feel comfortable in your own body.

  • Gender Affirming care: Hormone support 
  • Gender Affirming care: surgery 
  • Referrals
  • Connecting to community supports
  • Counseling support
  • Support groups for LGBTQ clients and/or family members-TBD