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Girl in the Woods

Nature Programs

Whether you are here for walk and talk therapy out in the woods or for a group- BHCW has you covered for all the earthly connections. Our nature programs include workshops, groups, classes and more. Our offerings are all therapeutic, some have clinical components. They get to the heart of what connects everyone at BHCW- fresh air, some sunshine, movement and the arts. We value laughter as one of the best medicines and incorporate in as much as we can, where we can. 

All programs offered incorporate skill based activities from executive functioning, to regulation/co-regulation, to body awareness and sensory integration. We provide project based workshops throughout the year that inspire a want to be curious. Homeschool or schooling friendly, family or non family, parent or non parent friendly- there is something for everyone with us, completely inclusive flexibility for accomodation for all abilities and needs. 

Wait are you waiting for? Come Adventure with us! 

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Dates and Registration to be released  6/9/23
Thereapeutic programs supporting social-emotional needs of all children and abilities.  Enjoy trail walks, Expressive Arts, movement and yoga, music, art and more! Use your imagination, or not! All of our activities have an educational and sensory friendly component to meet everyone's needs. Utilizing skill strengthening as our base for all activities, we work with kids and parents to provide an immersive therapeutic nature, social-emotional, and sensory friendly experience. Our Peer Supports and trained counselors will be available for therapeutic support.  

More information click your program of interest: 
Youth Drop off Programs 5-13 years
Parent/Child Classes 0-7 years 
Teen Drop off Programs (14-18) 

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