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Who we are

Who We Are:

BHCW is an anti-racist, pro human rights, LGBTQ+ friendly, (dis)ability supportive, inclusive, social justice minded company that continues to advocate for our communities, work to destigmatize mental health and wellness and to redefine the systems that have impacted how we view our own health. BHCW is a highly committed team and company full of every day people like you. We are working our jobs, caring for our families, balancing work/social/home expectations and navigating this thing called life. All of our team members come in with professional and personal experience, that we believe, make us unique to supporting our communities and you. We use nature, empathy, compassion, humanness, humor and creativity at the center for all of our safety support. Come adventure with us in our workshops and groups, or create a space of comfort and healing in our counseling services. Maybe you will even find a shift in your own health through our wellness services. Wherever you are in your life, we want to meet you there and walk with you to your next destination. 

BHCW Mission

"Affordable and Accessible Wellness and Whole-istic care for everyone. BH Counseling & Wellness, LLC take a social justice mindset in striving to provide a human to human connection through a variety of wellness services including mental health counseling. ​We are here to empower an awareness that needs to be heard, reflect, grow, heal, cope, and love. Wellness services provide a deeper and alternative understanding of yourself and your journey.

 Mental Health is wellness we all deserve"

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Counseling Services

We service individual counseling for ages 5+, family support for ages 3+, groups, workshops and more. Most of our programs are created to bridge the gap in services for our clients and give them a safety net. We service a variety of diagnoses with a toolbox full of approaches and techniques that are customized to support treatment goals. 

Wellness Services

Whether you are looking for a reset, some grounding and attunement, or just something new, our Wellness Services offer a variety of options from meditation to Reiki and integrative nutrition for mental health. 

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